One day a strange cataclism crushed our world and separated it to small fragments. There's only one hope for us: we can call those who were exiled by us long time ago. But will they be willing to help after we declared them the root of all our problems? Will they be willing to come to our world, those so called "Quantum Devils"? Those who walks The Neclid Plane?

Those Neclid Overlords.

  • Entry has a key re-binding feature. You can change key layout in Options.
  • Entry uses OpenDyslexia font to provide more inclusivity. You can enable it in Options.
  • If your page is scrolling when you press arrow keys, you can avoid this by using in-game directional keys (WASD for default, but you can change layout in Options).
  • If you got some weird "Securtiy Exception" you can download desktop version (or open game's frame in separate tab, for advanced users).
  • Bored with slow game pace? Turn the "Speedrun Mode" on in Options.
  • There are neither checkpoints nor restart button. The only way to "fast restart" is to press Escape and then Enter. It'll do the work.


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nice sokoban puzzle game. any fully-fledged game in the works? would love to play more.