Controls. In-game controls are shown on-screen. To insert card/take receipts when you use ATM click on card receiver/receipt or press Enter. To open hack device click red Crusher 2k14 label (shown only after card was inserted).

Hacking mechanics. It's just like Bulls and Cows game: You enter the number and get the answer like "C1M2", which means that you've guessed correctly 3 numbers, one of them is in a right place and two of them are in wrong places. Which ones? You have to analyze. Or bruteforce, but remember, that amount of gained candies depends on tries counter. ;)

Once upon a time there was a man who had no ideas. At all. He was, like, blank. People all around him was bursting with ideas, plans, they were so creative! Artists made great painitngs and got the ability sell them to collectors and ordinary people, musicians wrote and sold beatiful music and make living of it and he… he had nothing… but envy. So he decided to steal ideas from people. He stole the one and tried to sell it to others. They didn't see that the idea wasn't actually his, that it was stolen and badly remade and they buy it. That's how the monster was born, born by their ignorance.

After few years of his success he made a lot of money, he became wealthy, greedy, he wanted more and more money, more and more power, people began to sell their cars, houses, just to buy more stuff from him. Everything was perfect, but still there was a thing that really bothered him: people that followed his path of deception, that stole (that's his words, not mine) his precious and unique idea (just like he did a little time ago, but he denied it as hard as he could). He was angry. “They can't do this! I will not allow them!" - he said. But people won't stop. They saw that this path once led someone to his glory and they wanted to live like gods too. Not all of them, actually, some were a great people who made a great stuff out of it just because they like the process of creation.

His patience came to an end and he decided to deprive the whole world of joy because of them. “I will show you, what it's like to go against me!" But how? Oh, in a terrible way: as he got a big bunch on money (he was literally swimming in them), he began to buy candy factories and candy shops all over the world. “If you, filthy humans, won't stop, I'll take your happiness — I'll take your candies and sweets! Let's see, how you'll survive" — he said.

After he bought every single factory, he claimed himself The Candy King of the World. That's how the story of the Old World (a.k.a. “Sweet World") has ended. Welcome to the New World, world, where candies are priced as high as gold and platinum, world, where all the money were replaced by candies, world, where no one eats candies, where people go to their jobs just to get some sweets to pay off their bills. Welcome to the Kingdom of Bitterness.

Bored, huh? Okay, let's get to the point: we are the Sweet Resistance, people who don't like the way everything's going around us. Right now we can't destroy his supremacy, but we're working on it. You are the part of Hackers Squad, your mission is to hack Royal Candy Bank ATMs in our city and to extract as much candies as you can from them. We'll send those sweets to children and animal charities, to people in need and to Resistance forces all over the world.

Let's do this.

Published Feb 01, 2014
Tagscandyjam, dystopia, hacker, logic